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Prepare your PICO presentation

Authors are kindly asked to prepare one presentation file fulfilling both needs, the introductory 2-minutes-madness as well as the following intensive viewing and discussions. Please include the summary of your work in the first two slides followed by an unlimited number of slides going more into detail. The touch screens have a size of 42". The operating system is Windows 10 and they have internet access.

Since the touch screens are in widescreen format, we recommend producing Power Point or PDF presentations with an 16:9 aspect ratio. However, you can also prepare your presentation in the classic 4:3 format. The extra space is then used for the branding of the contribution as well as the navigation. For 16:9 presentations, if navigation buttons are needed, our PICO staff on-site at the conference determines the position of the buttons together with you.

When navigation buttons are integrated by us, the touch screens show three buttons allowing you to move forwards and backwards in the presentation as well as to access the table of contents (PICO programme) of that particular session. If you include the navigation through buttons or links yourself, we will only include a home button to go back to the table of contents. Please note that Prezi is not supported.

We have summarized more information on the PICO concept and some examples on how to produce a PICO presentation.

PICO presentation upload

The PICO presentations are organized centrally. Therefore, authors are kindly asked to upload their presentations at the PICO preview centre on-site in Hall X5. Please make sure to finalize your upload by 08:00 of the day your PICO session is scheduled.

PICO preview centre: opening hours

Day Time
Sunday 12:00–18:00
Monday–Thursday 08:00–19:00
Friday 08:00–17:00

PICO spot equipment

  • Touch screen for the presenter
  • 16:9 projector
  • Speaker microphone
  • Presentation timer with displays for presenter and chairperson