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How to access the programme

The scientific programme of the General Assembly 2017 includes special scientific and interdisciplinary events as well as oral, PICO, and poster sessions on disciplinary and interdisciplinary topics covering the full spectrum of the geosciences and the space and planetary sciences. Furthermore, medal lectures, great debates, short courses, townhall meetings, and splinter meetings complete the overall programme.

There are five different approaches to access the programme in your preferred way:

  • Browse by day & time: online view of the oral, PICO, and poster sub-sessions, their time and location, sorted chronologically by conference days, time blocks, and programme groups;
  • Browse by session: online view of the sessions and their oral, PICO, and poster sub-sessions, sorted by programme groups and session numbers;
  • Personal programme: online tool to generate your own personal programme by selecting specific presentations or sessions. To be printed, saved in the Copernicus Office (for later recall or modification), or generated as PDF. The personal programme can be synchronized with the mobile app. To add whole sessions or individual presentations to your personal programme, please use the above-mentioned programme views and find the favourite icon (star) at the session number for adding sessions or at the abstract number for adding individual presentations, respectively;
  • Sessions of ECS interest: Listing of those sessions being of particular interest for early career scientists;
  • Abstracts of special interest: Listing of those abstracts which are of particular interest for the public. This selection was compiled by the session conveners.